Ask yourself 10 questions before you hire a bookkeeper

Today’s business owners or young entrepreneurs often come with the DIY attitude.
“I can do this too and I will do everything myself until the dollars come rolling in….”
We justify hiring someone to help with the website or writing the blog, but spending money on a bookkeeper is rarely budgeted for.
With user-friendly software such as Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks, it is not surprising that the business owner might think: “This is easy, I learn the accounting program, I do the books myself and I save money.”

However ask yourself the following questions:

1.      Which accounting software is best suited for my business?

2.      How well do I know that software and what do I want to get out of the accounting software?

3.      How much time would I have to spend in learning the accounting software?

4.      How much time would I spend in doing the bookkeeping entries?

5.      Do I make money whilst keeping the business books up to date?

6.      How much does a bookkeeper cost compared to how much do I charge for my services?

7.      Do I actually enjoy doing my own books and do I know how bookkeeping works?

8.      Am I compliant with the ATO?

9.      Do I know how and when to lodge the BAS?

10.  What is my case history of keeping up to date with tasks that I do not enjoy performing?

Answer these questions and it will give you a good indication if you are in need of hiring a professional bookkeeper or not.

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