6 Tips to organise your office - Desk

Simply clear – Clearly Simple 

Whether we like it or not working in an office at a desk can quickly become overwhelming to the unorganised business owner who works without a secretary.

Not only do you forget where to find that most important document, you can also feel totally overwhelmed with the influx of emails that are pouring in daily. You don’t have a designated space to put all those items that need placing somewhere.

Once you start getting untidy there is nothing to stop this wave, you are sitting in a boat without a rudder.

But wait – there is hope on the horizon

Here are six little steps that can help you to keep things ‘Simply Clear – Clearly Simple’ again.

I firmly believe in the benefit of a functional and beautiful office/desk space. I also believe that you will be more efficient and productive when you work from an organised desk.

Once you have a simple and logical desk structure in place it will be easy for you to follow and you won’t ever want to do without it again. It is in your best interest to make a start and chip away at it.

These little tips will help you get started and it won’t be long until you are All Sorted again.

1. Get rid of pens and pencils you don’t need 

How many pens and pencils do you need? How many of those pens are sitting around your desk and they are not working?

Keep the one that you like most and let go of the others.

2. Have a place for pocket stuff

Your keys, phone, wallet, phone ear piece, etc. should have a home. Every morning when you come to your desk put these items in the same place, perhaps the top draw.

3. Keep items charged

Charge your phone or laptop at a set time and you never will be running out with an uncharged mobile again.

4. Move electronics out of sight

Your modem, wireless router, printer, etc. shouldn’t be on your desk as it is visual clutter. Cutting down on clutter reduces the stress and it is making your workspace a much nicer place.

5. Scanning documents

Scanning important documents into PDFs and keep them on your computer. Follow some Golden Rules whilst saving the documents.

  • Date First – guarantees that all files are date sorted
  • Practical / Simple file name – indicates what the file is about
  • Consistent and preferable all lower case – never wonder again lower or upper case
  • No special characters – some programs do not like it

Keeping papers off your desk is an important part of desk organisation.

6. Business Cards

During the course of the day or coming back from a meeting you collected various business cards. Scan them into your computer on that day and discard them. No need to keep a hard copy and all contacts are easily accessible in one place.

Have a look around your desk now - does it look more organised? 

By following these simple steps you are on the road on getting your business organised.

Heike Northey from All Things Sorted; Business Organiser Gold Coast