10 Tips and Checklist for the Holiday Season

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It is holiday season in Australia; the country comes to a near stop from the 24th of December all the way through to the end of January. Even though it is our holiday season, a time to relax and enjoy, most families start off with stress and arguments.
The stress of going on holidays usually starts before we even hop in the car. Everyone can’t wait to get there and blames the other person that they are running behind or forget things. There is too much traffic on the road, it is hot and humid and we usually want to take our comfort, which we enjoy at home with us on the road and on holidays. Therefore we pack too much stuff and are most likely to forget the essentials that we need.
To  make this holiday experience a bit more enjoyable why not plan it and take less, which is most like more than what you need anyway.

Tips for the Holiday Season

  1. Each person can take 1 bag and 1 bag only – something like a small suitcase or backpack.
  2. Each person can decide what goes into that bag and has a checklist so that they won't forget what they wanted to take. It all has to fit into that one bag.
  3. Estimate how long the trip will take
  4. Decide where to stop for a break
  5. Prepare food for the breaks
    You can take fruit along, boiled eggs, make a salad, and take carrots and celery sticks, whatever makes your tummy feel yummy.
    You can make the break like a picnic along the way. Even spread the blanket and have a little siesta in the park before you head onto the highway again.
  6. Tell the kids how long the trip will take
  7. What do the kids like to take to make the journey more pleasurable?
  8. Take a music CD to sing along wit
  9. Leave your holiday details with your neighbor or friend in case of an emergency
  10. Make a list of what you ‘must’ take and “need” to take

Checklist (and let the kids make their own list)

  • Clothes
    1 x swimmers
    1 x jogging pants
    2 x shorts
    1 x hat
    1 x thongs
    2 x T-shirts
    1 x jacket
    1 x long pant
  • Toiletries
    Toothbrush & toothpaste
    Shaving Blades
  • Medication (if you need them)
  • 1 x Book
  • 1 x Journal – to encourage the kids to keep on writing about their experience
  • Writing and colouring in pens
  • Holiday Fun (depending on where you are going)
    Game (name the one that you would like to take)
    Boogie board
    Goggles & flippers
  • Camera and charger
  • Phone and charger
  • Tent (if you go camping)
    List all the equipment that you need
  • Esky and what needs to go into the esky for the picnic

Remember you are on holidays, you won’t need much!